alternate universes

Some say the universe is infinite. And that there are many such alternate or parallel universes. Multiversa ad infinitum.

Some of them are similar to our own. Most are different in every way.

If you imagine something, then that thing must exist somewhere in the multiverse, otherwise the multiverse wouldn’t be infinitely large. (It would be infinitely large, minus the thing you just imagined. Therefore not infinitely large. So that thing, in fact every thing, has to exist. Or the theory is toast.) Which means that everything depicted here is actual reality. Somewhere.

Sometimes when parallel universes coincide, time cubes appear to jump from one to the other. Sometimes space cubes. Sometimes other effects are observable. Or at least imaginable. And therefore real.

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Some of these paintings reference the war between Banksy and King Robbo, which is well worth your Google time if you're unfamiliar with it. There's a BBC Channel 4 documentary about it. You'll find it on YouTube.

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Sometimes I dream about a world in a parallel universe that’s just like this one, except that bullshit, hypocrisy, greed and violence are not the prevailing forces. But I have no idea how to paint that.